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WWE Intercontinental Championship

WWE Intercontinental Championship

(also known as: WWF Intercontinental Championship)

 Pat Patterson  -  09/15/79  -  -  Patterson was made the first WWF Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion after defeating WWF North American Heavyweight Champion Ted DiBiase on 06/19/79, and then claiming to have unified that title with a South American title in a tournament in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
 Ken Patera  Pat Patterson  04/21/80  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 Pedro Morales  Ken Patera  12/08/80  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 Don Muraco  Pedro Morales  06/20/81  Philadelphia, PA  WWF live event  
 Pedro Morales (2)  Don Muraco  11/23/81  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 Don Muraco (2)  Pedro Morales  01/22/83  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 Tito Santana  Don Muraco  02/11/84  Boston, MA  WWF live event  
 Greg Valentine  Tito Santana  09/24/84  London, Canada  WWF Maple Leaf Wrestling  
 Tito Santana (2)  Greg Valentine  07/06/85  Baltimore, MD  WWF live event  
 Randy Savage  Tito Santana  02/08/86  Boston, MA  WWF live event  
 Ricky Steamboat  Randy Savage  03/29/87  Pontiac, MI  WWF WrestleMania III  
 The Honky Tonk Man  Ricky Steamboat  06/02/87  Buffalo, NY  WWF Superstars Of Wrestling  
 The Ultimate Warrior  The Honky Tonk Man  08/29/88  New York, NY  WWF Summerslam  
 Rick Rude  The Ultimate Warrior  04/02/89  Atlantic City, NJ  WWF WrestleMania V  
 The Ultimate Warrior (2)  Rick Rude  08/28/89  East Rutherford, NJ  WWF Summerslam  Title was vacated on 04/01/90 when Warrior won the WWF Championship
 Mr. Perfect  Tito Santana  04/23/90  Austin, TX  WWF Superstars  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 The Texas Tornado  Mr. Perfect  08/27/90  Philadelphia, PA  WWF Summerslam  
 Mr. Perfect (2)  The Texas Tornado  11/19/90  Rochester, NY  WWF Superstars  
 Bret Hart  Mr. Perfect  08/26/91  New York, NY  WWF Summerslam  
 The Mountie  Bret Hart  01/17/92  Springfield, MA  WWF live event  
 Roddy Piper  The Mountie  01/19/92  Albany, NY  WWF Royal Rumble  
 Bret Hart (2)  Roddy Piper  04/05/92  Indianapolis, IN  WWF WrestleMania VIII  
 The British Bulldog  Bret Hart  08/29/92  London, England  WWF Summerslam  
 Shawn Michaels  The British Bulldog  10/27/92  Terre Haute, IN  WWF Saturday Night's Main Event  
 Marty Jannetty  Shawn Michaels  05/17/93  New York, NY  WWF Raw  
 Shawn Michaels (2)  Marty Jannetty  06/06/93  Albany, NY  WWF live event  Michaels was stripped of the title on 09/27/93 for failing to defend it within the required 30 day period
 Razor Ramon  Rick Martel  09/27/93  New Haven, CT  WWF Raw  Ramon and Martel were the final two participants in a battle royal in which the final two would face each other in a regular match for the vacant title
 Diesel  Razor Ramon  04/13/94  Rochester, NY  WWF Superstars  
 Razor Ramon (2)  Diesel  08/29/94  Chicago, IL  WWF Summerslam  
 Jeff Jarrett  Razor Ramon  01/22/95  Tampa, FL  WWF Royal Rumble  Title was held up on 04/26/95 after Jarrett's controversial title defence against Bob Holly
 Jeff Jarrett (2)  Bob Holly  04/26/95  Moline, IL  WWF live event  This was a rematch for the vacant title
 Razor Ramon (3)  Jeff Jarrett  05/19/95  Montreal, Canada  WWF live event  
 Jeff Jarrett (3)  Razor Ramon  05/22/95  Trois-Rivieres, Canada  WWF live event  
 Shawn Michaels (3)  Jeff Jarrett  07/23/95  Nashville, TN  WWF In Your House 2: The Lumberjacks  
 Dean Douglas  Shawn Michaels  10/22/95  Winnipeg, Canada  WWF In Your House 4: Great White North  Douglas won the title via forfeit after Michaels was legitimately attacked outside a nightclub in Syracuse, NY on 10/14/95
 Razor Ramon (4)  Dean Douglas  10/22/95  Winnipeg, Canada  WWF In Your House 4: Great White North  
 Goldust  Razor Ramon  01/21/96  Fresno, CA  WWF Royal Rumble  Title was held up on 03/25/96 after a Goldust vs. Savio Vega title match ended in a no contest
 Goldust (2)  Savio Vega  04/01/96  San Bernadino, CA  WWF Raw  This was a rematch for the vacant title
 Ahmed Johnson  Goldust  06/23/96  Milwaukee, WI  WWF King Of The Ring  Johnson vacated the title on 08/12/96 due to injury
 Marc Mero  Faarooq  09/23/96  Hershey, PA  WWF Raw  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 Hunter Hearst Helmsley  Marc Mero  10/21/96  Fort Wayne, IN  WWF Raw  
 Rocky Maivia  Hunter Hearst Helmsley  02/13/97  Lowell, MA  WWF Thursday Raw Thursday  
 Owen Hart  Rocky Maivia  04/28/97  Omaha, NE  WWF Raw  
 Steve Austin  Owen Hart  08/03/97  East Rutherford, NJ  WWF Summerslam  Austin vacated the title on 09/08/97 due to the neck injury he suffered when winning the title
 Owen Hart (2)  Faarooq  10/05/97  St. Louis, MO  WWF In Your House: Badd Blood  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 Steve Austin (2)  Owen Hart  11/09/97  Montreal, Canada  WWF Survivor Series  
 The Rock (2)  Steve Austin  12/08/97  Portland, ME  WWF Raw  Rock previously held the title under the name Rocky Maivia. Austin handed Rock the title
 Triple H (2)  The Rock  08/30/98  New York, NY  WWF Summerslam  Triple H previously held the title under the name Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Triple H vacated the title on 10/09/98 due to injury
 Ken Shamrock  X-Pac  10/12/98  Uniondale, NY  WWF Raw  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 Val Venis  Ken Shamrock  02/14/99  Memphis, TN  WWF In Your House: St. Valentine's Day Massacre  
 Road Dogg  Val Venis  03/15/99  San Jose, CA  WWF Raw  
 Goldust (3)  Road Dogg  03/29/99  East Rutherford, NJ  WWF Raw  
 The Godfather  Goldust  04/12/99  Detroit, MI  WWF Raw  
 Jeff Jarrett (4)  The Godfather  05/31/99  Moline, IL  WWF Raw  
 Edge  Jeff Jarrett  07/24/99  Toronto, Canada  WWF live event  
 Jeff Jarrett (5)  Edge  07/25/99  Buffalo, NY  WWF Fully Loaded  
 D'Lo Brown  Jeff Jarrett  07/26/99  Dayton, OH  WWF Raw  
 Jeff Jarrett (6)  D'Lo Brown  08/22/99  Minneapolis, MN  WWF Summerslam  Jarrett also won Brown's WWF European Championship in this match
 Chyna  Jeff Jarrett  10/17/99  Cleveland, OH  WWF No Mercy  
 Chris Jericho  Chyna  12/12/99  Sunrise, FL  WWF Armageddon  
 Chyna (2) & Chris Jericho  -  01/03/00  Miami, FL  WWF Raw  On 12/28/99 a title match between Jericho and Chyna ended in a double pin, subsequently they were named as co-champions. Jericho would go on to defeat Chyna and Hardcore Holly in a 3-way match on 01/23/00 to become undisputed Intercontinental Champion. JSB Wrestling recognises the period between 12/12/99 and 02/27/00 as just one title reign for Jericho as he never lost the title until 02/27/00
 Kurt Angle  Chris Jericho  02/27/00  Hartford, CT  WWF No Way Out  
 Chris Benoit  Kurt Angle  04/02/00  Anaheim, CA  WWF WrestleMania 16  This was a 3-way, 2-fall match for the WWF Intercontinental and European titles both held by Angle, also involving Chris Jericho. Benoit pinned Jericho in the first fall to win the Intercontinental title, Jericho pinned Benoit in the second fall to win the European title
 Chris Jericho (2)  Chris Benoit  05/02/00  Richmond, VA  WWF SmackDown  
 Chris Benoit (2)  Chris Jericho  05/08/00  Uniondale, NY  WWF Raw  
 Rikishi  Chris Benoit  06/20/00  Memphis, TN  WWF SmackDown  
 Val Venis (2)  Rikishi  07/04/00  Ft. Lauderdale, FL  WWF SmackDown  
 Chyna (3)  Val Venis  08/27/00  Raleigh, NC  WWF Summerslam  Chyna won the title in an intergender tag team match pitting Chyna and Eddie Guerrero against Venis and Trish Stratus, in which the winner of the fall would be champion
 Eddie Guerrero  Chyna  09/04/00  Knoxville, TN  WWF Raw  This was a 3-way match also involving Kurt Angle
 Billy Gunn  Eddie Guerrero  11/21/00  Sunrise, FL  WWF SmackDown  
 Chris Benoit (3)  Billy Gunn  12/10/00  Birmingham, AL  WWF Armageddon  
 Chris Jericho (3)  Chris Benoit  01/21/01  New Orleans, LA  WWF Royal Rumble  
 Triple H (3)  Chris Jericho  04/03/01  Oklahoma City, OK  WWF SmackDown  
 Jeff Hardy  Triple H  04/10/01  Philadelphia, PA  WWF SmackDown  
 Triple H (4)  Jeff Hardy  04/16/01  Knoxville, TN  WWF Raw  
 Kane  Triple H  05/20/01  Sacramento, CA  WWF Judgment Day  
 Albert  Kane  06/26/01  New York, NY  WWF SmackDown  
 Lance Storm  Albert  07/23/01  Buffalo, NY  WWF Raw  
 Edge (2)  Lance Storm  08/19/01  San Jose, CA  WWF Summerslam  
 Christian  Edge  09/23/01  Pittsburgh, PA  WWF Unforgiven  
 Edge (3)  Christian  10/21/01  St. Louis, MO  WWF No Mercy  
 Test  Edge  11/05/01  Uniondale, NY  WWF Raw  
 Edge (4)  Test  11/18/01  Greensboro, NC  WWF Survivor Series  This was a unification match also for Edge's WCW United States Championship
 William Regal  Edge  01/20/02  Atlanta, GA  WWF Royal Rumble  
 Rob Van Dam  William Regal  03/17/02  Toronto, Canada  WWF WrestleMania X8  
 Eddie Guerrero (2)  Rob Van Dam  04/21/02  Kansas City, MO  WWF Backlash  
 Rob Van Dam (2)  Eddie Guerrero  05/27/02  Edmonton, Canada  WWE Raw  
 Chris Benoit (4)  Rob Van Dam  07/29/02  Greensboro, NC  WWE Raw  
 Rob Van Dam (3)  Chris Benoit  08/25/02  Uniondale, NY  WWE Summerslam  
 Chris Jericho (4)  Rob Van Dam  09/16/02  Denver, CO  WWE Raw  
 Kane (2)  Chris Jericho  09/30/02  Houston, TX  WWE Raw  
 Triple H (5)  Kane  10/20/02  Little Rock, AR  WWE No Mercy  This was a unification match also for Triple H's WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The Intercontinental title was temporarily retired following this match
 Christian (2)  -  05/18/03  Charlotte, NC  WWE Judgment Day  This was a battle royal for the reactivated title
 Booker T  Christian  07/07/03  Montreal, Canada  WWE Raw  
 Christian (3)  Booker T  08/10/03  Des Moines, IA  WWE live event  
 Rob Van Dam (4)  Christian  09/29/03  Chicago, IL  WWE Raw  
 Chris Jericho (5)  Rob Van Dam  10/27/03  Fayetteville, NC  WWE Raw  
 Rob Van Dam (5)  Chris Jericho  10/27/03  Fayetteville, NC  WWE Raw  
 Randy Orton  Rob Van Dam  12/14/03  Orlando, FL  WWE Armageddon  
 Edge (5)  Randy Orton  07/11/04  Hartford, CT  WWE Vengeance  Edge vacated the title on 09/06/04 due to injury
 Chris Jericho (6)  Christian  09/12/04  Portland, OR  WWE Unforgiven  This was a ladder match for the vacant title
 Shelton Benjamin  Chris Jericho  10/19/04  Milwaukee, WI  WWE Taboo Tuesday  
 Carlito  Shelton Benjamin  06/20/05  Phoenix, AZ  WWE Raw  
 Ric Flair  Carlito  09/18/05  Oklahoma City, OK  WWE Unforgiven  
 Shelton Benjamin (2)  Ric Flair  02/20/06  Trenton, NJ  WWE Raw  
 Rob Van Dam (6)  Shelton Benjamin  04/30/06  Lexington, KY  WWE Backlash  
 Shelton Benjamin (3)  Rob Van Dam  05/15/06  Lubbock, TX  WWE Raw  This was a 3-on-2 Handicap Texas Tornado match pitting Van Dam and WWE Champion John Cena against Benjamin, Chris Masters and Triple H, in which anyone to beat Van Dam or Cena would win their respective title. Benjamin pinned Van Dam to win the match and the Intercontinental title
 Johnny Nitro  Shelton Benjamin  06/25/06  Charlotte, NC  WWE Vengeance  This was a 3-way match also involving Carlito
 Jeff Hardy (2)  Johnny Nitro  10/02/06  Topeka, KS  WWE Raw  
 Johnny Nitro (2)  Jeff Hardy  11/06/06  Columbus, OH  WWE Raw  
 Jeff Hardy (3)  Johnny Nitro  11/13/06  Manchester, England  WWE Raw  
 Umaga  Jeff Hardy  02/19/07  Bakersfield, CA  WWE Raw  
 Santino Marella  Umaga  04/16/07  Milan, Italy  WWE Raw  
 Umaga (2)  Santino Marella  07/02/07  Dallas, TX  WWE Raw  
 Jeff Hardy (4)  Umaga  09/02/07  Columbus, OH  WWE Raw  
 Chris Jericho (7)  Jeff Hardy  03/10/08  Milwaukee, WI  WWE Raw  
 Kofi Kingston  Chris Jericho  06/29/08  Dallas, TX  WWE Night Of Champions  
 Santino Marella (2)  Kofi Kingston  08/17/08  Indianapolis, IN  WWE Summerslam  This was an intergender tag team match pitting Kingston and Women's Champion Mickie James against Marella and Beth Phoenix. Phoenix won the Women's title for herself and the Intercontinental title for Marella when she pinned James
 William Regal (2)  Santino Marella  11/10/08  Manchester, England  WWE Raw  
 CM Punk  William Regal  01/19/09  Chicago, IL  WWE Raw  
 John Bradshaw Layfield  CM Punk  03/09/09  Jacksonville, FL  WWE Raw  
 Rey Mysterio  John Bradshaw Layfield  04/05/09  Houston, TX  WWE WrestleMania 25  
 Chris Jericho (8)  Rey Mysterio  06/07/09  New Orleans, LA  WWE Extreme Rules  
 Rey Mysterio (2)  Chris Jericho  06/28/09  Sacramento, CA  WWE The Bash  
 John Morrison (3)  Rey Mysterio  09/01/09  Cleveland, OH  WWE SmackDown  Morrison previously held the title under the name Johnny Nitro
 Drew McIntyre  John Morrison  12/13/09  San Antonio, TX  WWE TLC  SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long stripped McIntyre of the title on 05/04/10, but was given back to him on orders from Vince McMahon on 05/11/10
 Kofi Kingston (2)  Drew McIntyre  05/23/10  Detroit, MI  WWE Over The Limit  
 Dolph Ziggler  Kofi Kingston  07/28/10  Laredo, TX  WWE SmackDown  
 Kofi Kingston (3)  Dolph Ziggler  01/04/11  Tucson, AZ  WWE SmackDown  
 Wade Barrett  Kofi Kingston  03/22/11  Columbus, OH  WWE SmackDown  
 Ezekiel Jackson  Wade Barrett  06/19/11  Washington, D.C  WWE Capitol Punishment  
 Cody Rhodes  Ezekiel Jackson  08/09/11  Sacramento, CA  WWE SmackDown  
 The Big Show  Cody Rhodes  04/01/12  Miami, FL  WWE WrestleMania XXVIII  
 Cody Rhodes (2)  The Big Show  04/29/12  Rosemont, IL  WWE Extreme Rules  
 Christian (4)  Cody Rhodes  05/20/12  Raleigh, NC  WWE Over The Limit  
 The Miz  Christian  07/23/12  St. Louis, MO  WWE Raw 1000  
 Kofi Kingston (4)  The Miz  10/16/12  Memphis, TN  WWE Main Event  
 Wade Barrett (2)  Kofi Kingston  12/29/12  Washington, D.C  WWE Raw  
 The Miz (2)  Wade Barrett  04/07/13  East Rutherford, NJ  WWE WrestleMania 29  
 Wade Barrett (3)  The Miz  04/08/13  East Rutherford, NJ  WWE Raw  
 Curtis Axel  Wade Barrett  06/16/13  Rosemont, IL  WWE Payback  This was a 3-way match also involving The Miz
 Big E Langston  Curtis Axel  11/18/13  Nashville, TN  WWE Raw  Langston's ring name was shortened to Big E on 02/12/14
 Bad News Barrett (4)  Big E  05/04/14  East Rutherford, NJ  WWE Extreme Rules  Title was vacated on 06/30/14 due to a shoulder injury
 The Miz (3)  -  07/20/14  Tampa, FL  WWE Battleground  This was a 19-man battle royal for the vacant title
 Dolph Ziggler (2)  The Miz  08/17/14  Los Angeles, CA  WWE Summerslam  
 The Miz (4)  Dolph Ziggler  09/21/14  Nashville, TN  WWE Night Of Champions  
 Dolph Ziggler (3)  The Miz  09/22/14  Memphis, TN  WWE Raw  
 Luke Harper  Dolph Ziggler  11/17/14  Roanoke, VA  WWE Raw  
 Dolph Ziggler (4)  Luke Harper  12/14/14  Cleveland, OH  WWE TLC&S  

Bad News Barrett (5)Dolph Ziggler01/05/15Corpus Christi, TXWWE Raw
Daniel BryanBad News Barrett03/29/15Santa Clara, CAWWE WrestleMania 31This was a 7-way ladder match also involving Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth & Stardust. Bryan vacated the title on 05/11/15 due to injury
Ryback-05/31/15Corpus Christi, TXWWE Elimination ChamberThis was a 6-way Elimination Chamber match for the vacant title also involving Bad News Barrett, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler
Kevin OwensRyback09/20/15Houston, TXWWE Night Of Champions
Dean AmbroseKevin Owens12/13/15Boston, MAWWE TLC
Kevin Owens (2)Dean Ambrose02/15/16Anaheim, CAWWE RawThis was a 5-way match also involving Tyler Breeze, Stardust & Dolph Ziggler
Zack RyderKevin Owens04/03/16Arlington, TXWWE WrestleMania 32This was a 7-way ladder match also involving The Miz, Sin Cara, Stardust, Sami Zayn & Dolph Ziggler 
The Miz (5)Zack Ryder04/04/16Dallas, TXWWE Raw