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WWE Tag Team Championship

WWE Tag Team Championship

(also known as: WWWF World Tag Team Championship, WWF World Tag Team Championship, WWE World Tag Team Championship, Unified WWE Tag Team Championship)

 Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler  Dick The Bruiser & The Sheik  06/03/71  New Orleans, LA  WWWF live event  This was a tournament final to crown the first WWWF World Tag Team Champions
 Karl Gotch & Rene Goulet  Luke Graham & Tarzan Tyler  12/06/71  New York, NY  WWWF live event  
 King Curtis Iaukea & Mikel Scicluna  Karl Gotch & Rene Goulet  02/01/72  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 Sonny King & Chief Jay Strongbow  King Curtis Iaukea & Mikel Scicluna  05/22/72  New York, NY  WWWF live event  
 Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka  Sonny King & Chief Jay Strongbow  06/27/72  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 Haystacks Calhoun & Tony Garea  Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka  05/30/73  Hamburg, PA  WWWF live event  
 Mr. Fuji (2) and Professor Tanaka (2)  Haystacks Calhoun & Tony Garea  09/11/73  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 Tony Garea (2) and Dean Ho  Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka  11/14/73  Hamburg, PA  WWWF live event  
 Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant  Tony Garea and Dean Ho  05/08/74  Hamburg, PA  WWWF live event  
 Dominic DeNucci & Victor Rivera / Pat Barrett  Jimmy Valiant & Johnny Valiant  05/13/75  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  DeNucci and Rivera defeated the Valiants for the title, however Rivera left the WWWF in June 1975, so DeNucci chose Barrett as his new partner
 The Blackjacks [Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan]  Pat Barrett & Dominic DeNucci  08/26/75  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi  The Blackjacks  11/08/75  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 The Executioners [Executioner #1 & Executioner #2]  Louis Cerdan & Tony Parisi  05/11/76  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  Stripped of the title on 11/26/76 for using a third Executioner
 Chief Jay Strongbow (2) & Billy White Wolf  -  12/07/76  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  Won a 3-team tournament for the vacant title also involving Tor Kamata & Nikolai Volkoff and The Executioners. Title was vacated in August 1977 when Billy White Wolf suffered a neck injury
 Mr. Fuji (3) & Professor Tanaka (3)  Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko  09/27/77  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci (2)  Mr. Fuji & Professor Tanaka  03/14/78  Philadelphia, PA  WWWF live event  
 The Yukon Lumberjacks [Eric & Pierre]  Dino Bravo & Dominic DeNucci  06/26/78  New York, NY  WWWF live event  
 Tony Garea (3) & Larry Zbyszko  The Yukon Lumberjacks  11/21/78  Allentown, PA  WWWF Championship Wrestling  
 Jerry Valiant & Johnny Valiant (2)  Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko  03/06/79  Allentown, PA  WWWF Championship Wrestling  
 Ivan Putski & Tito Santana  Jerry Valiant & Johnny Valiant  10/22/79  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 The Wild Samoans [Afa & Sika]  Ivan Putski & Tito Santana  04/12/80  Philadelphia, PA  WWF live event  
 Bob Backlund & Pedro Morales  The Wild Samoans  08/09/80  New York, NY  WWF Showdown At Shea  Title was vacated on 08/10/80 due to Backlund also being WWF Champion
 The Wild Samoans (2)  Tony Garea & Rene Goulet  09/09/80  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 Tony Garea (4) & Rick Martel  The Wild Samoans  11/08/80  Philadelphia, PA  WWF live event  
 The Moondogs [Moondog Rex & Moondog King / Moondog Spot]  Tony Garea & Rick Martel  03/07/81  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  King is replaced by Spot on 05/01/81 when King is unable to enter the United States from Canada
 Tony Garea (5) & Rick Martel (2)  The Moondogs  07/21/81  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 Mr. Fuji (4) & Mr. Saito  Tony Garea & Rick Martel  10/13/81  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 Chief Jay Strongbow (3) & Jules Strongbow  Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito  06/28/82  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 Mr. Fuji (5) & Mr. Saito (2)  Chief Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow  07/13/82  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 Chief Jay Strongbow (4) & Jules Strongbow (2)  Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito  10/26/82  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 The Wild Samoans (3)  Chief Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow  03/08/83  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson  The Wild Samoans  11/15/83  Allentown, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch  Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson  04/17/84  Hamburg, PA  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 The U.S. Express [Mike Rotundo & Barry Windham]  Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch  01/21/85  Hartford, CT  WWF live event  
 The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff  The U.S. Express  03/31/85  New York, NY  WWF WrestleMania  
 The U.S. Express (2)  The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff  06/17/85  Poughkeepsie, NY  WWF Championship Wrestling  
 The Dream Team [Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine]  The U.S. Express  08/24/85  Philadelphia, PA  WWF live event  
 The British Bulldogs [Dynamite Kid & Davey Boy Smith]  The Dream Team  07/07/86  Rosemont, IL  WWF WrestleMania 2  
 The Hart Foundation [Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart]  The British Bulldogs  01/26/87  Tampa, FL  WWF Superstars  
 Strike Force [Rick Martel (3) & Tito Santana (2)]  The Hart Foundation  10/27/87  Syracuse, NY  WWF Superstars  
 Demolition [Ax & Smash]  Strike Force  03/27/88  Atlantic City, NJ  WWF WrestleMania IV  
 The Brain Busters [Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard]  Demolition  07/18/89  Worcester, MA  WWF Saturday Night's Main Event  
 Demolition (2)  The Brain Busters  10/02/89  Wheeling, WV  WWF Superstars  
 The Colossal Connection [Andre The Giant & Haku]  Demolition  12/13/89  Huntsville, AL  WWF Superstars  
 Demolition (3)  The Colossal Connection  04/01/90  Toronto, Canada  WWF WrestleMania VI  Crush joined Demolition during this reign, making him a 1-time Tag Team Champion. Soon after the Freebird Rule is invoked, allowing any 2 members of Demolition to defend the title
 The Hart Foundation (2)  Demolition  08/27/90  Philadelphia, PA  WWF Summerslam  
 The Nasty Boys [Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags]  The Hart Foundation  03/24/91  Los Angeles, CA  WWF WrestleMania VII  
 The Legion Of Doom [Animal & Hawk]  The Nasty Boys  08/26/91  New York, NY  WWF Summerslam  
 Money Inc. [Ted DiBiase & Irwin R. Schyster (3)]  The Legion Of Doom  02/07/92  Denver, CO  WWF live event  Schyster previously held the title under the name Mike Rotundo
 The Natural Disasters [Earthquake & Typhoon]  Money Inc.  07/20/92  Worcester, MA  WWF live event  
 Money Inc. (2)  The Natural Disasters  10/13/92  Regina, Canada  WWF Wrestling Challenge  
 The Steiner Brothers [Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner]  Money Inc.  06/14/93  Columbus, OH  WWF Raw  
 Money Inc. (3)  The Steiner Brothers  06/16/93  Rockford, IL  WWF live event  
 The Steiner Brothers (2)  Money Inc.  06/19/93  St. Louis, MO  WWF live event  
 The Quebecers [Pierre Ouelett & Jacques Rougeau]  The Steiner Brothers  09/13/93  New York, NY  WWF Raw  
 The 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty  The Quebecers  01/10/94  Richmond, VA  WWF Raw  
 The Quebecers (2)  The 1-2-3 Kid & Marty Jannetty  01/17/94  New York, NY  WWF Raw  
 Men On A Mission [Mabel & Mo]  The Quebecers  03/29/94  London, England  WWF live event  
 The Quebecers (3)  Men On A Mission  03/31/94  Sheffield, England  WWF live event  
 The Headshrinkers [Fatu & Samu]  The Quebecers  04/26/94  Burlington, VA  WWF Raw  
 Diesel & Shawn Michaels  The Headshrinkers  08/28/94  Indianapolis, IN  WWF live event  Title was vacated on 11/23/94 when Diesel and Michaels split up
 The 1-2-3 Kid (2) & Bob Holly  Bam Bam Bigelow & Tatanka  01/22/95  Tampa, FL  WWF Royal Rumble  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 The Smoking Gunns [Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn]  The 1-2-3 Kid & Bob Holly  01/23/95  Palmetto, FL  WWF Raw  
 Owen Hart & Yokozuna  The Smoking Gunns  04/02/95  Hartford, CT  WWF WrestleMania XI  
 Diesel (2) & Shawn Michaels (2)  Owen Hart & Yokozuna  09/24/95  Saginaw, MI  WWF In Your House 3: Triple Header  This match was also for Diesel's WWF Championship and Michaels' Intercontinental Championship. The British Bulldog substituted for the late-arriving Hart, however Hart ran to the ring during the match and was pinned
 Owen Hart (2) & Yokozuna (2)  Diesel & Shawn Michaels  09/25/95  Grand Rapids, MI  WWF Raw  Awarded the title after lawyer Clarence Mason threatened legal action against the WWF
 The Smoking Gunns (2)  Owen Hart & Yokozuna  09/25/95  Grand Rapids, MI  WWF Raw  Title was vacated on 02/15/96 when Billy Gunn suffered a neck injury
 The Bodydonnas [Skip & Zip]  The Godwinns  03/31/96  Anaheim, CA  WWF WrestleMania XII  This was a tournament final for the vacant title
 The Godwinns [Henry O. Godwinn & Phineas I. Godwinn]  The Bodydonnas  05/19/96  New York, NY  WWF live event  
 The Smoking Gunns (3)  The Godwinns  05/26/96  Florence, SC  WWF In Your House: Beware Of Dog  
 The British Bulldog (2) & Owen Hart (3)  The Smoking Gunns  09/22/96  Philadelphia, PA  WWF In Your House: Mind Games  Bulldog previously held the title under the name Davey Boy Smith
 Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels (3)  The British Bulldog & Owen Hart  05/25/97  Evansville, IN  WWF Raw  Title was vacated on 07/14/97 after Michaels was injured
 Steve Austin (2) & Dude Love  The British Bulldog & Owen Hart  07/14/97  San Antonio, TX  WWF Raw  Bulldog and Hart won a tournament to face Austin and a partner of his choosing, this was the match for the vacant title. Title was vacated again on 09/07/97 after Austin suffered a neck injury
 The Headbangers [Mosh & Thrasher]  -  09/07/97  Louisville, KY  WWF In Your House: Ground Zero  This was a 4-way elimination match also involving The Godwinns, The Legion Of Doom and The British Bulldog & Owen Hart
 The Godwinns (2)  The Headbangers  10/05/97  St. Louis, MO  WWF In Your House: Badd Blood  
 The Legion Of Doom (2)  The Godwinns  10/07/97  Topeka, KS  WWF Raw  
 The New Age Outlaws [Billy Gunn (4) & Road Dogg]  The Legion Of Doom  11/24/97  Fayetteville, NC  WWF Raw  
 Cactus Jack (2) & Chainsaw Charlie  The New Age Outlaws  03/29/98  Boston, MA  WWF WrestleMania XIV  Cactus Jack previously held the title under the name Dude Love. This was a dumpster match, title was held up on 03/30/98 because the Outlaws were not put in the designated dumpster at ringside
 The New Age Outlaws (2)  Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie  03/30/98  Albany, NY  WWF Raw  This was a steel cage match for the vacant title
 Kane & Mankind (3)  The New Age Outlaws  07/13/98  East Rutherford, NJ  WWF Raw  Mankind previously held the title under the names Dude Love and Cactus Jack
 Steve Austin (3) & The Undertaker  Kane & Mankind  07/26/98  Fresno, CA  WWF In Your House: Fully Loaded  
 Kane (2) & Mankind (4)  Steve Austin & The Undertaker  08/10/98  Omaha, NE  WWF Raw  This was a 4-way match also involving The New Age Outlaws and D'Lo Brown & The Rock
 The New Age Outlaws (3)  Kane & Mankind  08/30/98  New York, NY  WWF Summerslam  
 The Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock  The New Age Outlaws  12/14/98  Tacoma, WA  WWF Raw  
 Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart (4)  The Big Boss Man & Ken Shamrock  01/25/99  Phoenix, AZ  WWF Raw  
 Kane (3) & X-Pac (3)  Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart  03/29/99  Uniondale, NY  WWF Raw  X-Pac previously held the title under the name The 1-2-3 Kid
 The Acolytes [Bradshaw & Faarooq]  Kane & X-Pac  05/25/99  Moline, IL  WWF Raw  
 The Hardy Boyz [Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy]  The Acolytes  06/29/99  Fayetteville, NC  WWF Raw  
 The Acolytes (2)  The Hardy Boyz  07/25/99  Buffalo, NY  WWF Fully Loaded  This was a handicap match in which Michael Hayes teamed with The Hardy Boyz
 Kane (4) & X-Pac (4)  The Acolytes  08/09/99  Rosemont, IL  WWF Raw  
 The Big Show & The Undertaker (2)  Kane & X-Pac  08/22/99  Minneapolis, MN  WWF Summerslam  
 The Rock 'n' Sock Connection [Mankind (5) & The Rock]  The Big Show & The Undertaker  08/30/99  Boston, MA  WWF Raw  
 The Big Show (2) & The Undertaker (3)  The Rock 'n' Sock Connection  09/07/99  Albany, NY  WWF SmackDown  
 The Rock 'n' Sock Connection (2)  The Big Show & The Undertaker  09/20/99  Houston, TX  WWF Raw  This was a Dark Side Rules match, in which all members of The Ministry Of Darkness were legal on the side of the defending champions
 The New Age Outlaws (4)  The Rock 'n' Sock Connection  09/21/99  Dallas, TX  WWF SmackDown  
 The Rock 'n' Sock Connection (3)  The New Age Outlaws  10/12/99  Birmingham, AL  WWF SmackDown  
 Crash Holly & Hardcore Holly (2)  The Rock 'n' Sock Connection  10/18/99  Columbus, OH  WWF Raw  Hardcore Holly previously held the title under the name Bob Holly
 Mankind (8) & Al Snow  Crash Holly & Hardcore Holly  11/02/99  Philadelphia, PA  WWF SmackDown  
 The New Age Outlaws (5)  Mankind & Al Snow  11/08/99  State College, PA  WWF Raw  
 The Dudley Boyz [Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley]  The New Age Outlaws  02/27/00  Hartford, CT  WWF No Way Out  
 Christian & Edge  The Dudley Boyz  04/02/00  Anaheim, CA  WWF WrestleMania 16  This was a 3-way ladder match also involving The Hardy Boyz
 Too Cool [Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty]  Christian & Edge  05/29/00  Vancouver, Canada  WWF Raw  
 Christian (2) & Edge (2)  Too Cool  06/25/00  Boston, MA  WWF King Of The Ring  This was a 4-way elimination match also involving The Hardy Boyz and T & A
 The Hardy Boyz (2)  Christian & Edge  09/24/00  Philadelphia, PA  WWF Unforgiven  
 Christian (3) & Edge (3)  The Hardy Boyz  10/22/00  Albany, NY  WWF No Mercy  Christian and Edge wrestled as Los Conquistadores, due to being banned from challenging The Hardy Boyz for the title
 The Hardy Boyz (3)  Christian & Edge  10/23/00  Hartford, CT  WWF Raw  The Hardy Boyz wrestled as Los Conquistadores
 Right To Censor [Bull Buchanan & The Goodfather]  The Hardy Boyz  11/06/00  Houston, TX  WWF Raw  
 Christian (4) & Edge (4)  Right To Censor  12/10/00  Birmingham, AL  WWF Armageddon  This was a 4-way match also involving The Dudley Boyz and Road Dogg & K-Kwik
 The Rock (4) & The Undertaker (4)  Christian & Edge  12/18/00  Greenville, SC  WWF Raw  
 Christian (5) & Edge (5)  The Rock & The Undertaker  12/19/00  Charlotte, NC  WWF SmackDown  
 The Dudley Boyz (2)  Christian & Edge  01/21/01  New Orleans, LA  WWF Royal Rumble  
 The Hardy Boyz (4)  The Dudley Boyz  03/05/01  Washington, D.C  WWF Raw  
 Christian (6) & Edge (6)  The Hardy Boyz  03/19/01  Albany, NY  WWF Raw  
 The Dudley Boyz (3)  Christian & Edge  03/19/01  Albany, NY  WWF Raw  
 Christian (7) & Edge (7)  The Dudley Boyz  04/01/01  Houston, TX  WWF WrestleMania X-Seven  This was a 3-way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match also involving The Hardy Boyz
 Kane (5) & The Undertaker (5)  Christian & Edge  04/17/01  Nashville, TN  WWF SmackDown  
 Steve Austin (4) & Triple H  Kane & The Undertaker  04/29/01  Rosemont, IL  WWF Backlash  This match was also for Austin's WWF Championship and Triple H's Intercontinental Championship
 Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho  Steve Austin & Triple H  05/21/01  San Jose, CA  WWF Raw  
 The Dudley Boyz (4)  Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho  06/19/01  Orlando, FL  WWF SmackDown  
 The APA (3)  The Dudley Boyz  07/09/01  Atlanta, GA  WWF Raw  The APA previously held the title under the name The Acolytes
 Chris Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page  The APA  08/07/01  Los Angeles, CA  WWF SmackDown  
 Kane (6) & The Undertaker (6)  Chris Kanyon & Diamond Dallas Page  08/19/01  San Jose, CA  WWF Summerslam  This was a steel cage match also for Kane and Undertaker's WCW World Tag Team Championship
 The Dudley Boyz (5)  Kane & The Undertaker  09/17/01  Nashville, TN  WWF Raw  
 Chris Jericho (2) & The Rock (5)  The Dudley Boyz  10/22/01  Kansas City, MO  WWF Raw  
 Booker T & Test  Chris Jericho & The Rock  10/30/01  Cincinnati, OH  WWF SmackDown  
 The Hardy Boyz (5)  Booker T & Test  11/12/01  Boston, MA  WWF Raw  
 The Dudley Boyz (6)  The Hardy Boyz  11/18/01  Greensboro, NC  WWF Survivor Series  This was a steel cage match to unify the WWF and WCW World Tag Team Championships
 Spike Dudley & Tazz  The Dudley Boyz  01/07/02  New York, NY  WWF Raw  
 Billy Gunn (9) & Chuck Palumbo  Spike Dudley & Tazz  02/19/02  Rockford, IL  WWF SmackDown  
 Rico & Rikishi (2)  Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo  05/19/02  Nashville, TN  WWE Judgment Day  Rikishi previously held the title under the name Fatu
 Billy Gunn (10) & Chuck Palumbo (2)  Rico & Rikishi  06/04/02  Oklahoma City, OK  WWE SmackDown  
 Edge (8) & Hulk Hogan  Billy Gunn & Chuck Palumbo  07/02/02  Boston, MA  WWE SmackDown  
 The Un-Americans [Christian (8) & Lance Storm]  Edge & Hulk Hogan  07/21/02  Detroit, MI  WWE Vengeance  
 The Hurricane & Kane (7)  The Un-Americans  09/23/02  Anaheim, CA  WWE Raw  
 Christian (9) & Chris Jericho (3)  The Hurricane & Kane  10/14/02  Montreal, Canada  WWE Raw  
 Booker T (2) & Goldust  Christian & Chris Jericho  12/15/02  Ft. Lauderdale, FL  WWE Armageddon  This was a 4-way elimination match also involving The Dudley Boyz and William Regal & Lance Storm
 William Regal & Lance Storm (2)  Booker T & Goldust  01/06/03  Phoenix, AZ  WWE Raw  
 The Dudley Boyz (7)  William Regal & Lance Storm  01/19/03  Boston, MA  WWE Royal Rumble  
 William Regal (2) & Lance Storm (3)  The Dudley Boyz  01/20/03  Providence, RI  WWE Raw  Title was vacated on 03/24/03 after Regal was injured
 Chief Morley & Lance Storm (4)  -  03/24/03  Sacramento, CA  WWE Raw  Raw Chief of Staff Morley awarded himself and Storm the title
 Kane (8) & Rob Van Dam  Chief Morley & Lance Storm  03/31/03  Seattle, WA  WWE Raw  This was a 3-way elimination match also involving The Dudley Boyz
 La Resistance [Rene Dupree & Sylvain Grenier]  Kane & Rob Van Dam  06/15/03  Houston, TX  WWE Bad Blood  
 The Dudley Boyz (8)  La Resistance  09/21/03  Hershey, PA  WWE Unforgiven  This was a handicap tables match where Robert Conway teamed with La Resistance
 Batista & Ric Flair  The Dudley Boyz  12/14/03  Orlando, FL  WWE Armageddon  This was a 7-team Tag Team Turmoil match also involving La Resistance, The Hurricane & Rosey, Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak, Lance Storm & Val Venis, and Scott Steiner & Test
 Booker T (3) & Rob Van Dam (2)  Batista & Ric Flair  02/16/04  Bakersfield, CA  WWE Raw  
 Batista (2) & Ric Flair (2)  Booker T & Rob Van Dam  03/22/04  Detroit, MI  WWE Raw  
 Chris Benoit (2) & Edge (9)  Batista & Ric Flair  04/19/04  Calgary, Canada  WWE Raw  
 La Resistance [Robert Conway & Sylvain Grenier (2)]  Chris Benoit & Edge  05/31/04  Montreal, Canada  WWE Raw  
 Chris Benoit (3) & Edge (10)  La Resistance  10/19/04  Milwaukee, WI  WWE Taboo Tuesday  
 La Resistance (2) [Robert Conway (2) & Sylvain Grenier (3)]  Chris Benoit & Edge  11/01/04  Peoria, IL  WWE Raw  
 Eugene & William Regal (3)  La Resistance  11/15/04  Indianapolis, IN  WWE Raw  This was a 3-way elimination match also involving Rhyno & Tajiri
 La Resistance (3) [Robert Conway (3) & Sylvain Grenier (4)]  Jonathan Coachman & William Regal  01/16/05  Winnipeg, Canada  WWE live event  Coachman replaced the injured Eugene in this match
 William Regal (4) & Tajiri  La Resistance  02/04/05  Tokyo, Japan  WWE Raw  
 The Hurricane (2) & Rosey  William Regal & Tajiri  05/01/05  Manchester, NH  WWE Backlash  This was a 5-team Tag Team Turmoil match also involving La Resistance, The Heart Throbs, and Simon Dean & Maven
 Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch  The Hurricane & Rosey  09/18/05  Oklahoma City, OK  WWE Unforgiven  
 The Big Show (3) & Kane (9)  Lance Storm & Trevor Murdoch  11/01/05  San Diego, CA  WWE Taboo Tuesday  
 The Spirit Squad [Johnny, Kenny, Mikey, Mitch & Nicky]  The Big Show & Kane  04/03/06  Rosemont. IL  WWE Raw  Kenny & Mikey teamed together to win the match, but all 5 Spirit Squad members were recognised as champions
 Ric Flair (3) & Roddy Piper  The Spirit Squad  11/05/06  Cincinnati, OH  WWE Cyber Sunday  
 Rated-RKO [Edge (11) & Randy Orton]  Ric Flair & Roddy Piper  11/13/06  Manchester, England  WWE Raw  
 John Cena & Shawn Michaels (4)  Rated-RKO  01/29/07  Dallas, TX  WWE Raw  
 The Hardys (6)  John Cena & Shawn Michaels  04/02/07  Dayton, OH  WWE Raw  This was the second of 2 10-team battle royals
 Lance Cade (2) & Trevor Murdoch (2)  The Hardys  06/04/97  Tampa, FL  WWE Raw  
Brian Kendrick & Paul London  Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch  09/05/07  Cape Town, South Africa  WWE live event  
 Lance Cade (3) & Trevor Murdoch (3) Brian Kendrick & Paul London  09/08/07  Johannesburg, South Africa  WWE live event  
 Hardcore Holly (3) & Cody Rhodes  Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch  12/10/07  Bridegport, CT  WWE Raw 15th Anniversary  
 Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes  Hardcore Holly  06/29/08  Dallas, TX  WWE Night Of Champions  Rhodes was revealed to be DiBiase's mystery partner and turned on Holly, resulting in a handicap match. As Rhodes never lost the title duing this period, JSB Wrestling classes him at this point still a 1-time Tag Team Champion. Ted DiBiase is the son of the same-named wrestler who was a 3-time Tag Team Champion in 1992-93
 Batista (3) & John Cena (2)  Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes  08/04/08  Knoxville, TN  WWE Raw  
 Ted DiBiase (2) & Cody Rhodes (2)  Batista & John Cena  08/11/08  Richmond, VA  WWE Raw  
 Kofi Kingston & CM Punk  Ted DiBiase & Cody Rhodes  10/27/08  Tucson, AZ  WWE Raw  
 The Miz & John Morrison  Kofi Kingston & CM Punk  12/13/08  Hamilton, Canada  WWE live event  
 Carlito & Primo  The Miz & John Morrison  04/05/09  Houston, TX  WWE WrestleMania 25  This was a Lumberjack match to unify the WWE World and WWE Tag Team Championships. From this date onwards, the title has been defended under the name of the Unified WWE Tag Team Championship
 Edge (12) & Chris Jericho (4)  Carlito & Primo  06/28/09  Sacramento, CA  WWE The Bash  This was a 3-way match also involving The Legacy
 The Big Show (4) & Chris Jericho (4)  -  07/26/09  Philadelphia, PA  WWE Night Of Champions  Edge suffered an Achilles tendon injury, so Jericho was permitted to choose a new partner to co-hold the title with him, and chose The Big Show
 D-Generation X [Triple H (2) & Shawn Michaels (5)]  The Big Show & Chris Jericho  12/13/09  San Antonio, TX  WWE TLC  
 ShoMiz [The Big Show (5) & The Miz (2)]  D-Generation X  02/08/10  Lafayette, LA  WWE Raw  This was a 3-way match also involving The Straight Edge Society
 The Hart Dynasty [David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd]  ShoMiz  04/26/10  Richmond, VA  WWE Raw  Title was renamed WWE Tag Team Championship on 08/16/10 as Bret Hart awarded The Hart Dynasty brand new belts
 Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes (3)  The Hart Dynasty  09/19/10  Rosemont, IL  WWE Night Of Champions  This was a 5-team Tag Team Turmoil match also involving Evan Bourne & Mark Henry, Vladimir Koslov & Santino Marella, and Jimmy & Jey Uso
 John Cena (3) & David Otunga  Drew McIntyre & Cody Rhodes  10/24/10  Minneapolis, MN  WWE Bragging Rights  
 Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater  John Cena & David Otunga  10/25/10  Green Bay, WI  WWE Raw  Nexus leader Wade Barrett forced Otunga to lay down and be pinned, meaning he & Cena effectively forfeited the title to Gabriel & Slater
 Vladimir Koslov & Santino Marella  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater  12/06/10  Louisville, KY  WWE Raw  This was a 4-way elimination match also involving Mark Henry & Yoshi Tatsu, and Jimmy & Jey Uso
 Justin Gabriel (2) & Heath Slater (2)  Vladimir Koslov & Santino Marella  02/20/11  Oakland, CA  WWE Elimination Chamber  
 John Cena (4) & The Miz (3)  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater  02/21/11  Fresno, CA  WWE Raw  
 Justin Gabriel (3) & Heath Slater (3)  John Cena & The Miz  02/21/11  Fresno, CA  WWE Raw  
 The Big Show (6) & Kane (10)  Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater  04/19/11  London, England  WWE SmackDown  
 Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga (2)  The Big Show & Kane  05/23/11  Portland, OR  WWE Raw  
 Air Boom [Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (2)]  Michael McGillicutty & David Otunga  08/22/11  Edmonton, Canada  WWE Raw  
 Epico & Primo (2)  Air Boom  01/15/12  Oakland, CA  WWE live event  
 Kofi Kingston (3) & R-Truth  Epico & Primo  04/30/12  Dayton, OH  WWE Raw  
 Team Hell No [Daniel Bryan & Kane (11)]  Kofi Kingston & R-Truth  09/16/12  Boston, MA  WWE Night Of Champions  
 The Shield [Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins]  Team Hell No  05/19/13  St. Louis, MO  WWE Extreme Rules  
 Cody Rhodes (4) & Goldust (2)  The Shield  10/14/13  St. Louis, MO  WWE Raw  
 The New Age Outlaws (6)  Cody Rhodes & Goldust  01/26/14  Houston, TX  WWE Royal Rumble  
 The Usos [Jay Uso & Jimmy Uso]  The New Age Outlaws  03/03/14  Rosemont, IL  WWE Raw  
 Stardust (5) & Goldust (3)  The Usos  09/21/14  Nashville, TN  WWE Night Of Champions  Stardust was previously known as Cody Rhodes
 The Miz (4) & Damien Mizdow  Stardust & Goldust  11/23/14  St. Louis, MO  WWE Survivor Series  This was a 4-way match also involving Los Matadores and The Usos
 The Usos (2)  The Miz & Damien Mizdow  12/29/14  Washington, D.C  WWE Raw  
 Tyson Kidd (2) & Cesaro  The Usos  02/22/15  Memphis, TN  WWE Fastlane  
 The New Day [Big E, Kofi Kingston (4) & Xavier Woods] Tyson Kidd & Cesaro   04/26/15  Rosemont, IL  WWE Extreme Rules  Big E and Kingston won the title but Woods was also recognised as co-champion under the "Freebird Rule"
 The Prime Time Players [Titus O'Neil & Darren Young]  The New Day  06/14/15  Columbus, OH  WWE Money In The Bank  Defeated Big E and Xavier Woods to win the title

 The New Day (2)      The Prime Time     08/23/15   Brooklyn, NY   WWE                 This was a 4-way match also involving The Lucha Dragons & Los Matadores